Jump n Pump Nation was built on a mix of community empowerment and realism. ​We believe in making riding bikes fun and supporting people in achieving their personal goals. 

We also believe that creating relationships and that the right mix of stakeholder involvement with careful use of government or land manger resources can produce quality products with a high level of community ownership and buy in.

Our extensive experience in the cycling industry along with 15 years of assisting the community within Local Government and State Government agencies allows us to better understand and market their resources. This has allowed us to develop techniques that find the perfect, workable balance that works for all stakeholders. 

Our experienced staff bring some impressive achievements and experience including:

  • Facilitated and constructed the first pump track in WA.
  • ​Designed and constructed some of the most popular MTB trails in WA.
  • Facilitated the  growth and management of a 2500 rider community.
  • Undertake strategic and concept planning along with managing maintenance of the largest MTB facility in WA.
  • ​Active promotion (including tourism) of  trails to the population of WA and the wider Australia.
  • Run and manage regular social riding events for both adults and children, including fully insured cycle coaching.   

about us

Well we like to jump and we love to pump! We have ridden bikes for years and have competed in various disciplines and at various levels (including world championships).

Our coaches have extensive experience on the correct techniques to have you blasting down the trails either for the first time or quicker than before. They have competed and ridden all over the world with particular experience with Gravity Enduro and Endurance style events. We also have coaches that specialise in developing junior off road cycling skills.

We have extensive experience of both the local trails and those across the South West of WA and can also provide personalised guiding services.

We are also experienced in running larger social events, which in particular can help market new or existing facilities and help build a cycling community.