Training PLANS



Our coaches can provide individual training plans to help you  achieve your goals. We produce specific and personalised event and season long fitness programs so you peak at specific times and maximise your training time (and avoid “junk training”).

We specialise in personal training plans for both endurance events and for season long campaigns with multiple events what ever is your discipline. 

sports specific fitness testing

It stands for Elite Race Training, but you don’t need to be an elite level racer to benefit. It’s about giving you that extra, power, fitness and skills to take your riding to the next level.

It is ideally suited to either experienced riders or those with some base fitness/skills that really want to race and ride at their best. 

We cater for all disciplines of riders and tailor requirements to individual needs and chosen discipline. As an example enduro riders need explosive power for descents with rapid recovery for the climbs. A 4 day or endurance event racer needs stamina, with consistency of performing at higher heart rates for long periods.  

We have over 15 yrs experience in personalised strength plans, including a thorough knowledge of biodynamics specific for cycling. 

We have qualified personal trainers on hand to help you build strength where required ,and to ensure you are using the correct techniques to maximise results and avoid injury

What is e.r.t?

We offer a full range of testing to allow you to accurately identify areas too work on and thus produce the best gains. We are equipped with cutting edge technology including our own enduro style timing equipment, speed radar guns and accurate computer based power/pedal efficiency testing. We are experienced in lactate threshold testing (to ascertain Max Heart Rate) and flexibility assessments.

Our experienced and qualified personal trainers can also provide individual stretch programs to improve flexibility and aid recovery. 

We can provide extensive nutritional advice for the run up and during your race day, so you can confidently achieve your best. 

We can also assist with sweat rate testing, to ensure you are consuming enough fluid and avoid cramping.