These are all about building technical skills and simulating race day. They are suitable for both Enduro and experienced XC riders looking to build technical skills and fitness.  These will be mainly held at venues around Perth, where we will be marking out a different (descending) race style route each time.  Each session with have a course “roll through” to allow riders to learn and build skills on the various technical trail features,  including slow mo video replays and speed gun work, before we undertake a few timed runs on the chosen route.


What is the Elite Race Training crew?



At Jump N Pump Nation we take helping riders to achieve their goals seriously. We often do specific event training programs for people, but we also have an awesome collection of riders that we regularly work with.

These Elite Race Training Crew members are passionate about MTB  and come in all ages across the various MTB disciplines. You might see them out on the trails, as we have two different streams with Gravity (Enduro) and XC training rides.

​Along with personalised programs we also run regular E.R.T technical skills sessions. These are aimed at those looking for that extra edge and getting experienced riders faster over technical terrain.  These currently are available in two types:

These are all about getting fit and building improved skills on different or less used  trails. They are aimed at advanced (black) level riders and will be based around a technical descent with ride-ups. Each ride will have a guided sighting run first to allow riders to learn and build skills from our experienced coaches. Then its will be times to hit it up for a full simulated race run! We offer several different variations and locations of these rides so you can learn news skills every time. 

The Elite Race Training (ERT) Crew is open to all riders. You don't have to be elite, just motivated and passionate about wanting to improve. To Join the ERT Crew you just need to register and pay a one off $50 joining fee.

This then provides you with:

  • A team jersey.
  • Regular free social rides held in different locations around Perth. 
  • Access to affordable ERT crew exclusive coached training rides. These will be run in different locations around Perth each month on a “pay as you go” format, so you’ll only pay for what you use (typical cost $20 per session).
  • Race support and tactical/nutritional  advice.
  • Discounted personalised specific event and season training plans.
  • Discounted personalised ongoing strength programs.

Being a member of the ERT crew will also give you preferential booking and discounted prices to the other general public skill sessions.​

Race Practise Days

Typical Training


These are all about getting to know different or less used  trails, particularly  those that will be used during upcoming races. We will be mixing it up, using a both public and private venues and offering riders a chance to hone their skills by doing something different. Details will be provided either as and when we can secure access to private venues or a few weeks before major events (State / National rounds).