We are trying to create a team culture where everyone can learn, and develop their riding. As such all riders will be expected to sign a Jump N Pump team pledge which will include the following key commitments:

•           Arrive at sessions prepared and with a positive attitude;
•           Commit to training as agreed with the coach;
•           To put school work and grades before riding;
•           Always race to the best of their current abilities;
•           Treat coaches and other team members with the appropriate courtesy and respect;
•           Support and help other team members and assist coaches where required; 
•           Treat property (their own and others) with respect and due consideration of its value;
•           Respect the rules and laws of the places they visit;
•           Uphold the standing and reputation of the team, and ride/race whenever possible in Jump N Pump Nation kit;
•           Not misuse provided property or funds belonging to another party
•           Observe and comply with the Anti Doping Rules set out in the MTBA Doping Policy.​

how does it work?


how do you apply?

Please complete and submit our online application form by clicking below: 

If successful there will be a cost of $50 per rider to join. This will include a Jump N Pump Nation jersey (either XC or trail fit), which we'd like riders to attend the group training sessions and race in.

The group sessions will aim to cover costs, and range from approximately $20 to $50 depending on location and whether shuttles are provided, ie a days shuttling at Wellington Mills will cost more than a ride at the Goatfarm. We will always aim to keep costs to a minimum and may ask parents/guardians to assist to help this. Please note for weekend camps away a dedicated adult will need to accompany junior team members for times outside of training sessions, (this can be shared). 

Jump N Pump Nation are excited to be running a junior development team. The aim of the team is to “build a fun and friendly environment where junior riders can build both skills and fitness, with improved guidance, and assist them along their pathway to a higher level of riding”.

We generally run two streams within the team, based around age and experience  with all disciplines training together (XC, GE and DH). The team is aimed at riders competing in the Under 17 and under 15 categories, but there will be no age limits so if riders feel that they can mix it at this level (and are younger) then we’d love to hear from them.

We will be running one skilled based group training session every month (between February and November) and a seperate social ride facilitated by the team riders themselves (assisted by parents). The skill based sessions will be hosted by our experienced coaches and focus on developing key skills. They will be held at locations throughout Perth and the South West, including Kalamunda, Goat Farm, Wellington Mills, Pemberton, Margaret River and Linga Longa. They might be incorporated with a wider public skills session (to reduce costs) but they will generally be kept separate.

What DOes It cOst?

What is the jump n pump NATION Junior development team?

We are asking for all interested riders to apply to join the team, so we can get an idea as to whether they are suitably committed and will be the right fit. If successful, riders will gain access to the group training sessions, the social ride group and general guidance from our team of experienced coaches. We will then meet/chat with each team member and work through their goals and the best way to help them achieve them.